Martini Kerk,

At the invitation of the church congregation, the work VERLOREN in the Martinikerk in Sneek/Nl addresses the topic of dementia. The parish works together with the Odense House, a meeting place for people with dementia.

The former Catholic and now Protestant church has undergone extensive renovations, including moving the altar to the centre of the space and arranging the pews in a semi-circle around it.

Nevertheless, the former east-west orientation is clearly noticeable and accentuated by a baroque organ.

VERLOREN works with the letter material of 3x VERLOREN. Around 200 Dutch words were generated from this, which have a wide variety of meanings and consist of eight to just two letters. An analogy to the search for words as we try to formulate content.

Local organist Bob van der Linde played live every evening. One of his performances was recorded live at the church.

The work was supported by mediaartfrieslandand the Lions Club Sneek.