RE:LIGHT, international light art festival,
Museum of Bavarian History,
Regensburg, DE

Lines are omnipresent in our lives. They can separate or connect, define or dissolve, open or close. They are fundamental and directional, control our thinking and orientation and are a means of our formal expressiveness.
In typography, the line defines the shapes of the characters, the lines of the texts.
Unlike the dot or the area, the moment or the defined space is not enough. It is a means of expressing time, movement and dramaturgy. The line is always a simultaneously separating, connecting and pulsating boundary between spaces and times.
The exploration of the line seems predestined for a work on the façade of the Museum of Bavarian History with its finely rhythmic, vertical texture of ceramic panels and rods. A wall of lines and a place whose task and aspiration is to bring together past, present and future.

LINES is working mainly with the colors with red and blue, two colors that appear in the so-called climate bar, a graphic visualization of the climate change since the last 150 years.
In addition to the work DOTS FOR ADELAIDE (Adelaide 2015) and the work KALEIDOSKOP ABSTRAKT on the façade of the Großer Sendesaal of NDR (Hannover 2018), the work LINES for Hartung and Trenz completes the trilogy of an examination of the three basic elements of graphic design: dot, line and area.

Thanks a lot to the team of the Festival Re.Light and Lang medientechnik company for support and making this possible.