Luminale 2016,
St. Catherine Church, Hauptwache Frankfurt,
Frankfurt am Main

Lichtbeugung ⁄ Light Diffraction is a video text projection throughout the interior of the St. Catherine's Church. Connotations of the word light are combined to form a luminous texture and digitally animated. The light text surfaces condense into new shapes and signs. Its dynamics and shape also changes the church. Again and again the focus of the viewer is on new space areas defined by the projection, which are then superimposed again from structures of text and light. The form and the meaning of words, light and space are thereby a constant change and transformation. The readable terms indicate additionally visible, projected or existing pictures on permanently new ways.
By overlays with concise, stand–alone forms the basic architectural structure of St. Catherine's is changed. It becomes an experimental space for perception. Word and image, space and light are the parameters of this experiment, which in literally opens up to the visitors the possibility to consider a well–known church in a new light.
Overall projection in St. Catherine Cuhrch at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt⁄Main
In occasion of Festival Luminale: 13.3. – 18.3.2016
Curator Luminale: Helmut Bien
Supported by Zukunftsstiftung des Ev. Regionalverbands, ekhn–Stiftung, Evangelische Bank, city forum, Lang Medientechnik