LUNA international Light Art Festival,
Fryske Academy,
Leeuwarden, NL

Contact restrictions up to a ban on contact were among the most important measures at the beginning of the Corona crisis. They also changed the social and societal conditions most noticeably. Using the example of projected words in West Frisian and Dutch on architecture and its visitors, the work in the inner courtyard of the Frysky Academy in Leeuwarden deals with the perception-altering significance of contacts. 

Light, space, architecture, nature, man and language come into contact with each other in form and content and change themselves and their surroundings.

The work KONTAKT was developed specifically for this place, both in form and content. What makes it special is the collaboration of the light and projection artists Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz with the Frisian author and architect Grytsje Schaaf, who developed the word material for KONTAKT.