in occasion of Beethoven reloaded,
KSI Institute Siegburg, Michaelsberg,

The work KLAVIATUR by Detlef Hartung and Georg Trenz is specially designed for the Catholic Social Institute Abbey Michaelsberg in Siegburg.
The modern new building, completed in 2017, welcomes visitors to the conference centre and creates a place of transition, a place of communication and reflection. In a sense, it is the interface between the outside and the inside, between the everyday and the special, between the extensive, the digressive and the concentrated, the focused. Here ideas, thoughts and possibilities can develop and work in all directions.
KLAVIATUR visualizes this image with the help of quotations and text fragments from Beethoven and poems set to music by him. Straight lines of text of different sizes are projected in varying line spacing and at varying directions onto the ceiling surfaces of the Forum Terraces. Like moving piano keys, sometimes like staves, these writings run across the building and play with its function and architectural form.
Although through grammar, spelling and choice of words, these “fragments of thought”, torn out of their context and made visible, can certainly be assigned to Beethoven, they develop free connotations of their own and touch the whole range of human emotions.