Memorial for Siblings Scholl with the University Choir Munich,
University Munich Atrium,

The light-text projection IM INNERN uses quotations from the murdered and texts from the leaflets of the White Rose, as well as work texts of the music and inscribes them in the interior of the atrium. With a total of five projectors, the side walls and the ceiling dome of the atrium are illuminated with animated word / text fragments to match selected pieces of the concert. Material for this is provided by the wall addresses, interrogation records and of course the leaflets.
It is not about a historical reappraisal of the resistance in the text, but about the inscription of ideas, thoughts and language into this special space, a place of the humanities, questioning, rebelling and reflecting, rethinking and redesigning, of history and the future. The concertgoer is enveloped by texts and words that form, connect, solve and overlap, that become images again and that in their dynamics and movement flood the space with emotions, vibrate it, let it breathe and in interaction with the choir or instrumental pieces literally lead the concert visitor to the very heart of this special, architectural and symbolic space.
All elements together — place, music and light — thus speak about the sense of space, the historical place, the musical component, colors, as well as the sung and projected text, many facets of human perception and understanding and take the visitors with ““Inside” in experiencing the genius loci, in the situation of the resistance group — in memory of Hans and Sophie Scholl, Alexander Schmorell, Christoph Probst, Willi Graf and Kurt Huber, but also in reflecting on our own responsibility in today's world, because:
“And you should act like this
As if you depend solely on yourself and your actions
The fate of German things
And responsibility would be yours.” (Quote: Hans Scholl)