Kunst im Licht,
St. Korbinian,

Light installations in St. Korbinian from 27.11.2020 to 06.01.2021
From Friday, 27.11.2020 to 06.01.2021, well-known light artists will set a sign of hope in a dark time with spectacular, poetic and beautiful light installations on the weekends.

The light installations can be admired in the context of devotions, which take place on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays before Christmas at 5:30 pm and 7:30pm.

The "starry sky" shown on the 4th weekend of Advent can then be seen over Christmas until the High Feast Apparition of the Lord.

1st weekend of Advent: Hartung|Trenz
2nd weekend of Advent: Matthias Singer 
3rd weekend of Advent: Manfred Beck 
4th Advent weekend until 06 January: Nikolaus Pirchtner with the starry sky from Bad Reichenhall from 2019, which will be interactively enlarged in St. Korbinian already from the 1st Advent weekend, by the possibility of crafting further hope stars on site. So you can tinker and label a hope star for your favourite person or for a request of your choice. We will add it to the shining starry sky and send it into the sky.

The project is carried out under observance and supervision of all hygienic measures and regulations. v.i.S.d.P.: PV-Sendling and EOM, Dept. of Cultural Management