Goldstücke. Light - Art - Projects Gelsenkirchen,

A park already represents an incredible value, a "gold piece" for every city. It is a place of communication across generations and social classes. During the day and at night, it shows public life as if under a burning glass. An incredible number of language codes and reception possibilities meet here. It is a laboratory, an intellectual playground for the examination of the "textures of a city," the theme of GOLDSTÜCKE - LIGHT ART PROJECTS Gelsenkirchen 2022.

On the projections in the city park there are nouns or names divided into groups, of songs, movie titles, idioms, places, myths, plants, animals, etc. in which either the term gold occurs, or which concretely, or associatively have something to do with gold. In between there are always verbs that describe what you can do in a park. So in principle pretty much all human activities.
The last group consists of adjectives that were and are used in literature to describe the essence of gold. These are projected as a final image on the facade of St. Mary's Assumption. On the tower appears an anagram of the word GOLDBERG.