permanent Installation Bahnhof Celle,

On the west side of the central gable roof at Celle railstation, directly above the large station concourse, which also features some light art works by the Lichtkunstbahnhof Celle, initiated by Robert Simon, director of the Museum Celle with Lichtkunstsammlung Robert Simon, a large-scale, multisyllabic term becomes visible at the onset of dusk. It can only be read from the platforms, facing the city center (the Celle Castle, the Celle Art Museum). It is reminiscent to the large-scale station names that used to be often read on house facades of or in front of train stations, sometimes also on roofs.

Through positioning and direction of view, the term inevitably refers to the city and surroundings of Celle, but it also refers to the train station as a place in general and to the Lichtkunst station in particular.

At first glance, the content of none of the words, which change annually (planned over a period of 10 years), has anything directly to do with Celle, the station or light art. At second glance, the individual terms of the composites can certainly be located in the word fields relating to the city (surroundings), the train station or light art.

The first term to be installed was ATEMZUG in November 2021. The work will be seen until further change. Then another term will be installed.