Kunstkirche Christ König,

Escerpts from the opening speech of Bettina Pelz:
“... The starting point of the context-specific concepts of Hartung and Trenz are forms and structures that are one of the most important of a space. This means the architectural cubature as much as the interior, which determines a place. In this work, we see that Hartung and Trenz use the crown of thorns in the altar space and the opposite round church window as a central motif. In their location, in their form and function, they value it as central to this space and its experience. They are the starting and anchor point of the projection. From them derive the circular form of the letter arrangements, which characterize the text structure in derivations and variants.

Letters appear in the space, they revolve around the sculpture and around the colorful rosette. They are a convolute from a text. It's about waiting. “Warten” (Waiting) is a German verb: Waiting in Middle High German means the place of looking–out, in the Old High German Ldquo;warten” means “look, watch, expect”. When I have to wait, I feel very quickly that someone steals my time, that I miss something and that I am not effective. To wait is a real trouble. It may be a relaxed moment, too, but this usually comes only to me when I write texts like this at the desk, but not in the situation when I am forced to wait.

The text, they chose, was created in 1953 and is by Bertolt Brecht,...:
Ich sitze am Straßenhang.
Der Fahrer wechselt das Rad.
Ich bin nicht gern, wo ich herkomme.
Ich bin nicht gern, wo ich hinfahre.
Warum sehe ich den Radwechsel
mit Ungeduld?