3. Stendaler Lichttage,
Dom St. Nikolaus,

In the Stendaler Dom, Hartung and Trenz use expressions and phrases from Martin Luther to transform the entire interior into an emotionally and intellectually challenging text–, language– and light space.
They work with a combination of static slide projections in the aisles and an animated projection in the nave of the late Gothic hall church. The words and lines of text inscribe themselves into the architecture, re–explore and restructure them, make them vibrate, dissolve into letter structures and clouds of text, in order to find together again in readable terms.
In the year of Luther 2017, this work is a reference to the creative language power of Martin Luther and makes it possible with artistic means to visualize and experience how words and concepts permeate and change our worlds of life.
Artistic director: Herbert Cybulska
assistence: Maria Elena Schmidt
an initiative of the H. u. H. Kaschade–Foundation
further informations: Stendaler Lichttage