ROTATIONEN / REVOLVER, a project of the HbK Saar and HfM Saar,

INTERVIEW is part of the project Revolver from the series Rotations, which took place this year on the facade of the Saarlandmuseum. The project was developed as part of a workshop with Detlef Hartung and the Hbk Saar, studio Daniel Hausig, and developed in collaboration with the University of Music, Professor Oliver Strauch.
The typographic material used in the work INTERVIEW consists exclusively of punctuation marks of the sans serif linear antiqua Univers Bold Condensed, extracted from researched interviews with museum director Roland Mönig, and the Frankfurt based installation artist Michael Riedel, who created the art installation in the outer space. *
In terms of form and content, INTERVIEW reacts directly to Michael Riedel's external work, in which the protocol of the state parliaments debate about the museum, but also its completion, is resolved in graphic text. Riedel transforms the textual material of the historical, theoretical dispute about the museum cultivation into a visual spatial work of art. It is noticeable that, with a few exceptions, he dispenses with the punctuation marks.
These, in turn uses the work INTERVIEW.
The source text material, mainly the interviews with Roland Mönig, which largely deal with the practice, the present and the future of the Modern Gallery, also form the counterbalance to Riedel's work in terms of content. The punctuation is supplemented by the punctuation of an interview with Michael Riedel, in which he describes his work methodology using the example of his exhibition in Paris. With a wink, the work INTERVIEW sets out changes of Michael Riedel's text that are similar to processes in his work and develops its own visual language.
The punctuation marks explore, question and play on the facades of the Modern Gallery, detaching themselves from their linear sequence of sentences, forming new groupings, structures, patterns and relationships, among themselves, but also in relation to the architecture and the existing typographic elements.
In the figurative sense, an “inter–view”, a multi–layered, “mutual seeing” and views of light, space and language ....
* “Richtig Meter machen”, museum director Roland Mönig in an interview with Bülent Gündüz 11.2017, ARTMAPP.
“In der Gegenwart ankommen und in die Zukunft schauen”, museum director Roland Mönig in an interview with Michaela Auinger, 17.11.2017 Wochenmagazin FORUM;
Michael Riedel, about his work in Paris, 25.02.201,5 Main–Spitze, Kultur vor Ort;