CidneOn International Light Festival Brescia, Castello di Brescia, Torre di Mezzo,
Brescia, Italien

The light–installation on the Torre di Mezzo, a tower in the entrance area of the castle of Brescia, which one half on its back is open (hence the name Torre di Mezzo ⁄ half tower), calls some of the most famous “Lighthouses” of the city and their comments on the city of Brescia under the title CONDIZIONE DI LUCE (light relations).
Circles of light placed in concentric circles attack the ground plan of the tower and vary it. By turning, enlarging, reducing, deforming and interlacing the circles, new light impressions and light conditions are created on the convex façade of the tower. The names of the great personalities of the city of Brescia, as well as their quotations and also quotes from other personalities on Brescia, appear singularly in this set of varied light words.