Kulturkirche Bremerhaven,

A break is always an opportunity for a new beginning, a development. It releases individual elements: blocks that can be reassembled. The solid, static, ordered whole becomes a moving chaotic, but also modulatable, multitude of things.
If we seem to break and destroy biblical texts in the work BRUCH LOS in the Pauluskirche in Bremerhaven–Lehe, it is at the same time an appeal to all observers to read the words and texts anew, to actively rethink and to reinterpret and develop new ideas from the fragments of text and letters.
“Reading” writes Andreas Thalmayr, alias Hans Magnus Enzensberger in his book Watermark of Poetry “always means: destroy — if you do not want to believe that, ask the brain researchers; destroy and reassemble. This always creates something new.” This reading process can also be interpreted as a life process. Nothing is as unbroken in life as the constant change of break / caesura and rebuilding and assembling.